10 most common mistake insurance agents

Question 1 Prospects than resistance training agents typically have a sales presentation skills of selling. To get the most information in response to potential insurance agent and is designed to control the situation. Chances are their intentions, what they will cost, and mislead the insurance agents who make decisions about other people. The purpose of […]

Do not call yourself an insurance agent

In almost every industry with different levels of workers, is negative. In other words, the working title scary or different sounds. In the following selection, you stay on your side that you want to tell your friends? It is a “nonsense” and “garbage collectors”, health professionals, or environmental specialists? Society and the value of your […]

The law works – life insurance

You need life insurance the better question is does your family need insurance on your life my guest is Michael oliverio II like to thank you for joining a good to be here with you you are a life insurance agent she has her own that list with lawyers and used car dealers that people […]

Life insurance claim denied

Hi my name is Jeff Gray 4 I’m going to turn in at the Merlin Law Group above my farm and I as you probably know her hopefully we’ll soon know represent insurance policy holders and all sorts of disputes property Life Health disability long-term care whatever I’m here to talk to you today about […]

Insurance Sales Growth scorecard

It is also a popular aspect of corporate governance, it is the sales staff. This is due to consider many aspects. But when you put it in the context of the insurance company, then work becomes more confusing and difficult. Therefore, you draw a scorecard to sell insurance, you may encounter some difficulties. The score […]